said the superfluous pounds to the fight: Géraldine knee (46) has lost in the last months of the 24 Kilo – a successful diet! She wanted to occur on the occasion of the big 100-years-anniversary-tour of the Circus Knie and horseback riding. The have prompted you to lose weight, says the knee to VIEW.

“After each birth of a child a few pounds left. The should all the way again,” says the mother of Ivan (17), Chanel (7) and Maycol Jr. (1).

Steppers instead of Pasta

they Managed it with an iron discipline, a lot of sports and a change in Diet. “I was sweating on the stair Stepper and the bike rode,” she says. “I have dispensed almost entirely on Kohlyenhydrate, rice, potatoes and pasta.”

Particularly no Pasta to eat her, came from an Italian family was like, of course, particularly difficult. Even fat and sweets has taken deleted Géraldine knee from the menu plan, more fruits and vegetables.

“I feel very comfortable”

And for the knee is not about losing weight. “I do,” she announces. “I feel very comfortable in the new body, so I would like to remain in it.” For the Premiere of the anniversary tour on 21. March in Rapperswil SG is now ready. “My appearances, nothing stands in the way. I’m looking forward to it very much!” (wyt)