He’s going through hard times: two months Ago, Fritz Weppers wife Angela (†76) died of the consequences of brain shock. For almost 40 years, the former “Derrick was married”-assistant with native Angela Tomorrow, she had to wear at the end of January in their home community slot (D) to the grave.

Since then, the actor was several times at the cemetery, drives a car which is about 400 km from Munich (D). “For me, this is every Time a very difficult course,” says the 77-Year-old thoughtful towards “Colorful”. “The finality of this departure is to me particularly aware of this.”

He continued to miss his wife very much, as Wepper. It will never be more of this Everyday, Normal, to talk to each other, to see in the eyes. “This is a very bitter realization, a very big pain. Anyone who has lost a loved one, know what I’m talking about,” said the TV Star.

When fishing for other thoughts

power to give to the widower, in these difficult weeks daughter Filippa (7), daughter Sophie (37), as well as his little granddaughter, Claire (1), the daughter of Sophie.

And soon indulges in the Wepper a break. He’ll go with 35 anglers friends for deep sea fishing in the Caribbean, he says to the magazine. At the end of April, the work with the rotary then calls again start to 19. Season of his ARD series “Um Himmels Willen”. “I’m grateful for this success,” he says. “For me, my profession is a very important pillar in my life.” (wyt)