Inka Bause loves the limelight – but her daughter Anneli Bruch does not at all. Because almost nothing is known about the only daughter of the “Bauer sucht Frau” presenter. And quite consciously. As a committed mother, Inka always saw it as her duty to enable her daughter to lead a normal and largely uncomplicated life away from the spotlight and the front pages. We are all the more amazed when Inka now talks about her daughter’s relationship status in an interview.

“I try to leave the house every day as if I would meet the man of my life today. That gives me a good feeling,” Inka recently revealed to She goes through life with open arms and looks forward to everything that happens. “You just have to stay curious.” The singer and presenter also talks about love with “GALA” – and then surprisingly tells an intimate detail about Anneli.

When asked if she talks to her daughter about dating experiences, Inka replies: “There are things I’d rather discuss with friends than with my daughter. I really talk to her about God and the world, we have a very close relationship. At the moment she could rather give me advice, because she has already found the man of her dreams.” However, who the man is who makes her daughter so happy remains her secret. Inka had already found her great love – Anneli’s dad.

From 1996 to 2005, the popular presenter was married to the composer and singer Hendrik Bruch († 53), Anneli’s father. But the happiness in love was not under a good star. Hendrik suffered from depression. In 2016 he chose suicide and threw himself out of his Berlin apartment. When asked why she still speaks of her “husband” about her deceased ex, Inka finds touching words to “BILD”. “Because I think ex always sounds like a bad divorce. After a person you broke up with badly. That sounds too harsh, because we were close friends until shortly before his death, although he already had a new partner,” Inka Bause said in an interview. “And he’s still the man of my life to this day. There is, and certainly will be, no other who will ever take his place. If only because he is the father of my daughter.”

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