The season of 2018 is finished, soon you go into the next tennis round. And the ATP tournament bosses vying already diligently to win the favor of the Top Stars. Rotterdam-Boss Richard Krajicek uses the potty deep into the honey and Novak Djokovic lubricates a lot of Sweet ums Maul.

The Serbian was “the GOAT” (Greatest Of All Times), the best player of all time. Not Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal. “Judging by the results, and the length of a career that would be Roger,” said the Dutchman in an Interview with “Tennis World”, “but when the two play against each other their best Tennis, Djokovic is the Better. His level is unbeatable and he has won four Grand Slams in a row, what made Federer and Nadal.”

Krajicek know that the betting, the Rotterdam no longer has graced for eight years, in February, prefer to in Dubai or Acapulco. But a try is the honey-charge all the same value. Although he offers, last February, on the spontaneous arrival of the Swiss superstars, and then to the oldest number 1 of the history of the congratulate was, he says, is not humble: “We would have Djokovic as number 1. Our doors are open.”

“We are waiting for his decision,”

Wide-open gates also Federer, of course, anywhere in the world. Especially the sand tournaments are courting are already strong. So Albert Augusti, outgoing President of the 500 event in Barcelona reports, “Mundo Deportivo”. Last year, there had been discussions, had decided Roger, unfortunately, completely against the clay season. “Now we wait for his decision for 2019.”

Plans to Federer in fact, after three years without a Match on red clay, of all things in Barcelona and his return? It would be a first in the “Nadal-town”, where the Mallorcan has won eleven Times. Tournament boss Augusti sounds: “We will definitely be ready. This is not only a question of money, it is also about relationships.”