Manchester City’s third kit for the upcoming 2020/21 season has been leaked online, with football fans turning on its design, saying it resembles “cells under the microscope.”

In the race to come up with new and unique styles for kits, manufacturers have become increasingly bold with their designs. But Manchester City’s third kit came in for some rough treatment on social media after the home shirt was leak leaked online and was widely criticized.

Officially, the ‘Whisper White’ & ‘Peacoat’ color scheme is meant to hark back to Manchester’s indie music scene.

FootyHeadlines quote a Puma description as saying: “Manchester’s music scene has always been an influence on other bands worldwide.

The Man City 2020/21 third kit takes inspiration from the Paisley floral pattern which was intrinsically associated with the BritPop music scene of the 1960s and 1990s.”

Football fans, however, were far from convinced when discussing the third kit on Twitter, comparing the look to “cells under the microscope” and labeling it “corona edition.”

So Manchester City will be wearing corona kit next season?

On a serious note why does @pumafootball think it’s a good idea to have kits looking like broken glass and cells under a microscope? Getting less people to buy your shirts is a terrible business model

Thought the home one was bad but this is an absolute piss take. Puma bang on course to be our worst kit maker ever. They may have succeeded already.

Brave of Man City to go for a coronavirus edition kit

Puma will continue to manufacture City’s shirts for the next nine seasons after signing a ten year deal in 2019. No official details of the new deal were released, but reports claim the Premier League side will earn £65 million ($80 million) over 10 seasons.