The two largest economies in the world, the USA and China, cover each other with punitive tariffs. The around the world concern – messing up the entire world economy. But the Chinese learn quickly.

While US President Donald Trump (72) and China’s President Xi Jinping (65) to introduce new punitive tariffs, then a 90-day “cease-fire armed status” in the tax take, they produce hard-working and law looking for loopholes to avoid the punitive tariffs. They move in a legal grey zone.

In Vietnam, a Detail changed

the most popular is the Minimal Processing is currently, how the news portal writes. A relatively simple, but effective Trick. And works like this: A toy manufacturer produces dolls in China, and exported these to the USA. To have no extra duties to pay, it provides the Chinese goods from a third country.

Vietnam is among the Chinese in this regard, especially popular. There is a small Detail on the doll is changed, such as the shape of the nose or the dress. Only then, the manufacturer delivers the doll in the USA, officially of Vietnam. And he must be no punitive tariffs to pay more.

Were abroad between bearings

Also as a means to escape the annoying consequences of the tax dispute, is TRANS-shipping. Vietnamese and Malaysian companies have invented the business model. Shipping Chinese Goods thousands of kilometres to the South, and store them in huge warehouses for several months.

Then the Goods will be marked with a “Made in Vietnam” or “Made in Malaysia” and exported to the United States. For the US-customs authorities, it is virtually impossible to prove possible, that they are actually from China. Again, the manufacturer must not pay punitive tariffs. (pbe)