Thomas lateral (33): For the aerial acrobats, who worked as a male model, not only in the love around. The new friend of Helene Fischer (34) is likely to enjoy larger salaries, because his relationship with the pop Star Seitels market drives value.

so Far, the Model has according to the “image”information common to the industry totals for commitment: For his last modeling Job, in the he at the end of January for the eyewear brand “Rodenstock” on the catwalk step, he received between 1000 and 1500 Euro. But for the Show he had been booked before it was known that he, together with the “Breathless”Star. “The market has risen in value, in any case,” says Progressive spokesman Pierre geisen setter to “image”.

It can fees up to 20’000 euros demand

The customers vie for the fisherman’s friend. “Thomas lateral is often asked and very happy to booked. He is friendly, professional, does a great Job, is seen in customers are always happy and welcome,” says Niko, the Booker for McFit Models. This pays off: Today, lateral to the news, the newspaper could require good negotiations, salaries of up to 20’000 Euro.

Because he is a fisherman? “That depends entirely on the company, the product and its influence in the social media,” says Casting Director and Booker, Rolf Scheider. “But the fact that he is now with Helene Fischer, he gets, of course, a lot more attention.” (kad)