he recently parted ways with long-time girlfriend, Gabi (45). However, Fabien Rohrer (43) is not a child of sadness – the former Star of the snowboarding world already has a new woman at his side! With the Polish dance teacher Patrycja Studer (29) spinning tonight by the SRF-dance show “Shall we dance?”.

“We understand ourselves to be super”

“We get along super well,” says Rohrer. “Patrycja is a very attractive woman. It brings a new impetus in my life.” A spark had it between them but only on the parquet, stresses Rohrer. “Patrycja is married!”

That was Rohrer himself never. A wedding with Gabi, with whom he had twelve years together, not for him to debate. And his other Ex-Girlfriends, Ex-Miss Switzerland Stéphanie Berger (41) and singer Kisha (40), get Married have never been an issue. “Fortunately not, in retrospect, always turned out.”

He enjoyed his Single life at the moment, says Rohrer. “I can do what I want.” A new relationship, he does not exclude however: “let’s see what the future brings.”