The skifieber curve rises. The beginning of the alpine Ski world Cup season 2019/20 is made. The specialist sports shops lure customers with promotions for ski season rental.

The perfect environment to launch the “Interrail” for skiers. With the ski pass of the Portuguese Start-ups, snow pass (Slogan: “The greatest ski pass in the world”) to holder as of this winter season, for the first time free travel in over 100 ski resorts in Europe.

With the ball in this still little-known cross-border Composite ski pass also 24 are the Swiss ski resorts. Many of the family are conspicuous areas, such as Einsiedeln, SZ, Airolo, TI, the Bernese Selital, Kiental, BE, and St. Antönien GR.

This is often not snow-sure, and hardly profitable small resorts need to grab every opportunity to attract new customers. The operators of the ski lifts friherre mountain in Einsiedeln, Christian Schönbächler, says: “We are a small ski resort and hot, any help is welcome.”

next year, at least ten other ski resorts to come alone from Switzerland, says Tomás Neiva (19) by the snow pass Executive Board at the request of a VIEW.

abroad, the large resorts are in the process of

if you have had enough you can Dodge out of the Swiss Scenery, with the snow pass on slopes of ten other countries. Including Austria, France, Slovenia or Portugal. While large Swiss ski resorts showed the snow pass the cold Schulte, in other countries, internationally-known major resorts such as the Spanish Sierra Nevada and the French Isola on the new passport.

With 395 euros (the equivalent of 435 Swiss francs) for a season pass, the Portuguese are comparatively cheap. The graubünden snow pass that covers the ski resorts, with the exception of Davos and St. Moritz, all of the Grisons, costs for the upcoming winter season in 1480, Swiss francs (see Box). Point of the largest Swiss composite passport, the Magic Pass costs 30 Western Swiss regions: 499 Swiss francs.

However, the snow pass of the Portuguese allowed the ski area, only a maximum of ten days of free travel – ever. The new offer will be for skiers who want to several times a season to Ski, but not always in the same area.

“snow pass fills a gap in the market”

snow-pass-in-chief Pedro Neiva (46) says: “This snow pass fills in the gap in the market between Ten-day passports and season tickets to a regional network.” Most passes had been previously in the UK, Slovenia and Germany were sold.

In Switzerland, the largest demand from the Ticino to come. If big ski resorts came to be the passport for Swiss more interesting is Neiva convinced.

Whether or not the business model to work, you must prove the Start-up is still to come. Apparently, the Portuguese have won the ski resorts with lucrative promise for themselves.

the Bernese Oberland Selital area per km of piste, it was promised more than 1000 francs. There has been less snow passes were sold than expected, there is no fixed compensation, says snow selital-chief Patrick Zuber. At the Pass, making want to hold on to anyway.

Swiss ski resorts benefit from the advertising campaign

“The income is to be distributed, nevertheless, it are only guaranteed 1000 francs per kilometers of ski slopes, which fall away,” he says. If nothing at all will be paid, have Selital also no risk, since the Join costs nothing. Then professional animals Selital occurs at least from the free advertising.

Even if the international snow pass would not come to the fly, remains in this country, the Trend to regional Skiverbünden unbroken.

Andreas Keller from the Association of cable cars Switzerland, said: “We are in Switzerland since a few years an increased movement in the case of the Offered to regional seasonal and annual passes on the one hand, as well as dynamic, days variable ski pass prices with some very attractive advance booking discounts on the other.”

A Pass for the whole of Switzerland on a Swiss Ski-GA – is currently not an issue, as the basement. Because the price of the most expensive hands-on the ends of the ski resort would have to be guided, he would be for the whole of Switzerland is seen to be high.

alone can be Allied to only a few strips

In the battle for winter sports close also in Switzerland, more and more ski resorts to Saisonabo-together. It alone can afford only a big higher-priced areas such as Zermatt, VS, or St. Moritz, GR.

is The largest multi-Pass is the Magic passport (starting at 499 Swiss francs), with more than 30 destinations in Western Switzerland and, since this season is also the first Swiss-German areas (Saas-Fee, Leukerbad). The most important Partner, the Bergbahnen, Crans-Montana-Aminona, but dropped out in mid-October, because he wanted to have a Premium Status, which rejected the other areas.In the Bernese Oberland of the Top 4-ski pass-dominated (from 666 Swiss francs). It covers all the lifts in the skiing region of Adelboden-Lenk, Jungfrau (Grindelwald and Wengen), Gstaad (excluding Glacier 3000) and Meiringen-Hasliberg.The year-round card Topcard (1400 francs) is valid for the ski resorts Arosa-Lenzerheide, Laax and Davos-Klosters.A cantonal season ticket to the snow pass Graubünden (without Davos and St. Moritz) is for 1485 francs in the winter season 2019/20.With the snow pass, Central Switzerland 1130 Swiss francs-free travel in the 14 ski areas in the Region.Miles white (from 998 CHF) is considered to be the largest composite of the pre-Alps, with 18 areas in the Eastern part of Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Vorarlberg and the black forest.

most of The multi-subscriptions can be purchased cheaper than after the Start of the season.