the million-dollar question “, The classic, standard Euro pallet, EPAL 1 consists of 78 nails, nine blocks and a total of how many boards?” knew the 35-year-old Ronald ten-Holte, the owner of a Cologne-based juice bar, on Tuesday evening, the correct answer is: There are eleven boards.

“happiness is the most Important. There were some questions that came to me. For example, the last question to Euro pallet,” said ten-Holte after his win. “I meet almost every day with me in the Store, because our Goods are delivered on Euro pallets – that was just luck.”

His Smoothie and juice bar “cold press” in the South of Cologne and he wanted to operate on, he said. A portion of the profit he would use for his upcoming wedding. And also a reward he wants to treat themselves to. “An electric car is playing in my head a big role.”

“Is courageous and has a gut feeling”

ten-Holte, according to RTL, the tenth regular millionaire in the 20-year history of continuous burner “Who wants to be a millionaire?” – with the exception of VIP and other Specials. The last regular million profit a participant in the 7 earned, according to information from RTL. December 2015.

Moderator Günther Jauch, the the million-dollar question for 88. Time had made, said about the new winners ten-Holte: “on the outside, he looks absolutely cool, has prepared on the show, says not a word more than is actually necessary, at the same time is brave and has a gut feeling.”

ten-Holte could hardly believe his luck. The audience had risen from their Seats and gave a thunderous applause. Jauch was pleased with the new millionaire and said: “Now is married!” (kes/SDA)