In St. Petersburg has introduced new rules for the implementation of ritual ceremonies. By order of the chief sanitary doctor of the Northern capital in mournful procedures exclude the farewell to the dead, regardless of diagnosis. However, according to the administration of St. Petersburg, discusses some softening of these measures and in compliance with all safety requirements.

In particular, the release of the Smolny indicated that the situation requires to determine the conditions under which the participation of close relatives in a ceremony of farewell and funeral will still be possible. At the moment the city administration together with the sanitary doctors working on the procedure that would close the last time to say goodbye to family, but to comply with all anti-epidemic measures. Considered to one of the nine rooms of the crematorium adapted for holding such ceremonies.

However, while the order of farewell not worked, all organizations that provide funeral services, comply with existing rules.

in addition, the administration of St. Petersburg say that directly in the cemeteries of the funeral are not made. But at the funeral of close relatives now have the right to be present.