Smolensky, police rescued a child from a burning house

In the Smolensk region the police rescued from the filled with smoke apartments three year old boy. The child was left in a burning house alone, reports GTRK “Smolensk”.

About this story now recall only the charred walls. According to Alexander Korsakov, it all started with the fact that he and his family went to relatives. In the apartment police Lieutenant felt the smell of burning, immediately he rushed out into the street, where I saw the neighbour in the house. Crying he told her the child was left on the second floor of the building.

“When I ran into the room, he was completely in smoke. On the sofa lay a scared little boy, he was crying. Wrapping it in a blanket, I realized that to get through the corridor is already impossible”, — says Alexander Korsakov.

the police Officer decided that you need to escape through the window. Plaid tied a knot to hold the baby. He climbed out of the window on the pipe, carefully lowered the child and handed over were downstairs neighbors. After that I jumped to the ground.

Note that Alexander Korsakov himself the father of two children, so the problem of choice for him were not. He did not hesitate rushed into the burning apartment.

it is Known that the cause of the fire was arson, the culprit who is suffering from alcoholism neighbor. He is currently detained.

Text: GTRK “Smolensk”