Precisely at 16.30 has achieved good year on the stock market’s peak: for the First time in the history of the SMI, the Index has cracked the magic threshold of 10’000 points. This was shortly before 16 o’clock, as the US benchmark index Dow Jones has greatly opened. And, although experts assume that the US Central Bank on Wednesday will announce no interest rate reduction.

“There is simply no Alternative to stocks”, it means for traders. In particular, since the bond yields to virtually Zero percent or even below, have fallen, this will be identified in spite of the existing uncertainties as the reason. Especially since the Swiss economy is booming.

in 2018, up by almost 19 percent

The SMI has increased in the current year so far to nearly 19 percent and has other well-known indices such as the world’s leading index, the Dow Jones Industrial average or the German DAX, which are 13 percent and 17 percent higher, left behind.

The most high-profile of the Swiss stock market index was launched on 30. June 1988, with a starting level of 1’500 points and came first out of 24 titles. He later was expanded to 30 titles, and in 2007 to 20 shares is reduced.

in may 2019 Raiffeisen chief economist Martin Neff (58) said to LOOK at: “10 000 points are a magical brand. The could be cracked.” He, however, warns: “But then, the air is very thin.”

when’s the correction?

After the Cracking of the 10 000-point mark he expects profit-taking. Then, the exchange corrected the rapid growth of the first months, adapted to the real economic conditions.

The growth of the US economy is likely to weaken in the next months, some indicators suggest. In addition, China is pumping as much money into the economy. Can’t even afford the “middle Kingdom” unlimited in a long time.

And then there’s the Brexit – the have not been displaced, only the British, but also the stockbrokers. At the latest, in the autumn, the European fate of the UK is back in the news. Since the German economy is weakening slightly, for Neff clear: “In the summer, there will be a correction in the stock markets!”