accessibility of the Smartphone is in times of Coronavirus an essential topic. More than ever, we are dependent on our mobile companions to Communicate. So annoying, if your Smartphone has suddenly Broken.

A cracked glass screen, a broken Display or a weak battery can occur in any Smartphone. Unfortunately, these Defects are not covered usually by the warranty. To dispose of nevertheless, there is no reason your expensive Smartphone. A repair is often cheaper and in any case, more environmentally friendly solution.

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output restrictions and closed shop for a cell phone repair is no obstacle. With you can entrust your repair easy from home. Our mobile phone Finder or at the top of the search for your Smartphone search and in the tab “repair” the right measure for your phone.

Where you get to display transparent information about the final price, including all shipping and taxes. You will also display the duration of the repair as accurately as possible, you can track online at any time the repair status of your device.

karepa / Adobe Stock Inside cell phone Smartphone repair leave home is: The cost

The prices listed are the total prices for the entire cost of the repair and included the cost of the return shipping. With a current price of around 280 euros for the Galaxy A50, a repair is worthwhile in any case.

The cost for a repair differ depending on the device and Defect. The example of the Galaxy A50 we have listed you here once the current price list: promises quality belongs to the KOMSA group of companies and also carries out repairs directly on behalf of manufacturers. The repair experts use either original parts or approved spare parts in order to make mobile phones again. Over 20 years of experience in this field speak for themselves. Per year, up to 500,000 repairs of and other companies of the KOMSA to be carried out in group of companies.

So you can use your Smartphone repair

to determine the prices for your Smartphone, search in our database to your Smartphone. Now click on the tab “repair”. Here you get an Overview of your model of the offered services and their cost. You want to perform a repair, you will be transferred directly to the repair Service.

This article was written by Timo Brauer

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