In Great Britain, monkeypox seems to be spreading more and more. UKHSA chief health officer Susan Hopkins told the BBC she was seeing new cases every day.

Hopkins declined to give more details. Her authority will publish new figures this Monday, she announced. So far, 20 cases are known from Great Britain.

“We’re discovering more cases every day, and I want to thank all of the people who are coming in to sexual health clinics, GPs and emergency rooms for testing,” Hopkins said to West or Central Africa, where the infection is otherwise observed.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), predominantly, although not exclusively, gay and bisexual men are currently affected. “We encourage anyone who regularly rotates sexual partners or who is in close contact with people they don’t know to speak up if they develop a rash,” Hopkins said.

Those infected could be vaccinated with a smallpox vaccine, the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) chief said. “We use it in individuals who we believe are at high risk of developing symptoms,” Hopkins said. “We use it early, especially within four or five days after symptoms have developed.” This prevents the risk of illness in contact persons.

A father from NRW lost his driver’s license. Over the speed limit. The special thing about the story: The 32-year-old drove his unconscious daughter to a clinic and was even escorted by the police.

Christoph Wilhelm loses over 153 kilograms. His weight loss is the result of a drastic change in his diet. Wilhelm renounced any carbohydrates for years. “People didn’t recognize me anymore,” he says proudly.

On the Spanish island of Mallorca, the police arrested 13 Germans on Saturday. The vacationers had flicked cigarette butts onto a roof below them. It then started to burn. Two people are said to have been slightly injured by the fire.