when was the last Time you a shopping list hand-written up scribbles? The To-Do list really, with the pen, checked off? A letter written? Now, where we train ourselves in mindfulness and slowing down, we take us time for the small but fine things. The perfect complement for this can be found in Fine in the Bernese marktgass passage. Each Design of the post cards, Envelopes, planners, and stickers of stationery label is designed by founder Michèle itself. In the foreground the idea of the pastel-colored paper-pallet is always to combine it with the suitable creativity to create something completely your Own, and to give the everyday more magical. What is shopping in the Fine, is – if possible – with organic color and Eco-paper printed, fair produced in Switzerland or Europe.
a Lot of Fine, Colorful and Pretty, there are still online or by Solidarité Box: With lots of love Michele and her Team of pack pack on the subject of Easter, Crafts or Lettering. Send the go anywhere, where someone’s joy is to be made: to home, to friends, the grandparents, to the hospital or nursing home. The Goal? The bearing Koller together with quite a lot of paperwork out of the house hunt.
But we Michèle ask yourself…

Michèle: no. Definitely not! We had to immediately search as a Team for new ideas and strategies. And then as quickly as possible.

We are on a very positive set of a Team, help each other wherever it is possible. Our Store would close for some time, emerged. This helped us to react quickly and to search for good solutions. We have an online shop, it has of course helped a lot that we could watch from the beginning, full of hope to the front.

Our products are made for creative rethinking. This is our great happiness. Crises make innovative and creative, we try new ways to go. We wouldn’t have been online already so good and present, but would also have been impossible.

I am glad that we can not truly see into the future … If this crisis has taught anything, then We don’t know is simply, what will be tomorrow.

We have launched on our online shop, action: #feinessolidarité. With the Order of one of these boxes, you are supporting our small and at the same time – and this is the most Beautiful for us – to give yourself the Creative time, or send someone you love a Serving of joy of life in paper form directly to your home.

All the loving and encouraging messages we can send, together with the solidarity boxes to other people, are particularly touching.

Thank you, Michèle!

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