– It is essential that the municipality assesses that the business is in compliance with smittevernsregler, was that in the letter from the ministry of Health to Bykle municipality in Agder and the country’s fylkesmenn.

Unless resorts can, therefore, open to kommunelegene believes they are in compliance with smittevernstiltak.

Smaller local ski centres with enkeltheiser and few visitors can have better opportunities to organize their operations in accordance with recommendations from the health authorities about the distance and the number of groups.


In Alta opened the ski resort already on Monday this week.

Before they opened, came kommuneoverlegen on an inspection tour to see if the hafjell alpine centre be able to comply with smittevernsregler.

You must have on gloves when you are standing in the ski lift to avoid smittefare

Did measures to be able to open

Orders to keep closed in the middle of the high season provides Norwegian resorts large loss of profits. Alpinanleggenes Association have previously expressed that the industry fears konkursras. Several thousand jobs are in danger.

In the hafjell alpine centre in Alta, however, introduced a number of smittevernsregler to make sure revenue. Among other things, only a heissluse open, so that no one can stand next to each other in the queue. In addition, the cafe, utstyrsutleien and the physical heiskortutsalget closed. Heiskortet visitors must buy online.

Kommuneoverlegen determined that the facility met the smittevernsreglene. The manager of hafjell alpine centre in Alta, Synnøve Opgård Andersen, was therefore able to open the facility for påskegjestene.

– the Goal is to maintain smittevernsreglene from the ministry of health, ” she says.

in Order to prevent extra pressure on the health care system, trying hafjell alpine centre to prevent visitors who don’t have much experience with skiing.

general manager of hafjell alpine centre in Alta Synnøve Opgård Andersen is happy that they stay open during the week of easter.

– the ski rental also has closed so that we avoid close contact between people. We are also avoiding the guests who does not have their own equipment and are not as good to ski.

She also has the impression that smittevernstiltakene in the plant are followed by the guests.

– I think that people have learned to live with the strict measures we’ve had the last three weeks. People have become accustomed to keep distance and not to take on each other.

– The most important thing is to keep the distance

Svein Lie does not believe there is not more dangerous to be in the alpine ski resort – than on the streets if you keep the distance.

Photo: the Norwegian directorate of Health

medical director in the Norwegian directorate of Health, Svein Lie, mean that the slopes can stay open as long as there is congestion.

– When one is out, they apply general rules to keep distance. If you keep distance, there is no more dangerous to be in the ski slope than on the street.

He then says that partying, beers and après ski is still prohibited.