the Capital’s businessmen will be able to compensate for the placement of information about goods or services. The maximum subsidy may reach 700 thousand rubles.

the Subsidy for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) for the promotion of products through Internet trading platform and online services delivery was approved on 31 March and entered the second package of anti-crisis measures to support the business. Previously to its entrepreneurs could only in case of accommodation on sites that take a Commission of up to 20 percent of the cost of goods. Now the subsidy became available to providers of marketplaces and food delivery services from the approved list, regardless of the size of the fee for the placement. However, if it exceeds 20 percent, the subsidy for the entrepreneur will be calculated based on the rate of 20 percent. That is, the size of the payment will be 10 percent of the cost of production.

April 17 the list of approved Internet sites whose placement of goods and services can be compensated through subsidies was expanded. The Department of business and innovation development will expand the list as of receipt of the application from representatives of the business community.

Accepting applications from representatives of small and medium business in the provision of subsidies for the promotion of goods through Internet platforms and food delivery services.

Started telegram channel on grants for small and medium business Approved the second package of anti-crisis measures of the business

to Learn more about measures of support of small and medium business entrepreneurs are using a single line support subsidy phone: +7 (499) 961-01-20. Operational information is also published in the Department of entrepreneurship and innovative development of telegram channel “Subsidies to the Moscow businessmen” (@subsidii_msk).

in addition, launched a special information project “Coronavirus: important for business.” On the page you can find information about existing measures of support and changes in the regulatory framework.

the Department of enterprise and innovation established a working group on the provision of support to businesses. Online meeting of members of the Association are held on a weekly basis.