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Earlier in the week I found flights to around nok 200,000 for all of us four. But the planes do not, although you can buy tickets. Today, there are no tickets available, ” says Storhaug.

She, her husband and daughters have been on holiday since 8. march. The 14. march should they have been with a cruise ship from Dubai to Italy. It was cancelled.

– And now all the airliner out of the united arab Emirates is set to 15 days ahead, ” she says.

the Family of four is now staying at a hotel in Ajman in The united arab emirates. They are trying to make the best out of the situation. In the city are the beaches closed for bathing. All the malls are closed.

Mauricio Silva with his daughters Sofia (3) and Emilia (1)

Photo: Private

We were stopped by the police out now and asked to go home. It is only allowed to go out in the important errands or get food.

Hope on the help of the ministry of foreign AFFAIRS

the Family has been on the phone to the ministry of Foreign affairs in Norway, which asked them to contact the embassy in Abu Dhabi.

She received a reply that they will get the information if it is set up spesialfly to Europe.

the Foreign ministry has no overview of how many norwegians who are abroad, but get 1500 inquiries a day.

– Our staff work shifts around the clock. Together with our foreign missions, we do everything we can to advise and assist, ” says pressetalsperson for UD, Guri Solberg.

Pressetalsperson in the ministry of foreign AFFAIRS, Guri Solberg says efforts are being made frantically to get norwegians abroad home.

Photo: UD

the Norwegian authorities do not have the opportunity to influence all local measures in foreign countries.

We will unfortunately not have the opportunity to ensure that all norwegians travelling abroad can return to Norway in the nearest future. Curfew, closed the borders and the closure of airspace makes it difficult for airlines and tour operators to assist with the return journey for all its customers, ” she says.

Many want to go home

NRK has been in contact with many who would like to home.

exchange students are sitting korona-fixed in Australia. Monday they tried to get home.

– We tried to get on a plane from Melbourne to Bangkok. But we had to have a negative koronatest to get on board. It was none of us had, ” says Amund Horg Bordal.

the ministry of foreign AFFAIRS encourages all australians to take contact with airlines and tour operators. In addition, ask the travellers to register on the website Several of reiseforsikringsselskapene has also made it clear that they will cover the new tickets.

In Peru sits two teachers and 14 students at NLA university College in Bergen. The country has been closed since 16. march.

– We are very frustrated, because we do not know what will happen next. We know nothing about when we get home. It is the uncertainty that is the worst. It is very tough, ” says teacher Ronald Mayora Synnes.

the road back will be expensive for many

Others have come home. But it costs.

runaway lovers Arild Einang and Tone Cottingham has spent 10 days on the trip from Cuba to Norway. The journey cost between 40 and 50,000, respectively. Stopover in Madrid was tough.

runaway lovers Arild Einang and Tone Cottingham has used 10 days to get from Cuba to Norway.

Photo: Private

– I think no thing could prepare us for what met us there. We came to a huge deserted airport. We got koronavirkeligheten in the middle of the fleisen, ” says Cottingham.

My insurance company has said they will cover the journey home. But it helps not when there are aircraft, ” says Birthe Storhaug.

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