spring fever at the Swiss Music Awards! Three days after Luca Hänni (24) has made his new love, officially, there are already the first public appearance. The singer appeared on Saturday night together with his new girlfriend, Michèle (26) to the music awards ceremony in Lucerne, Switzerland.

most of his music colleagues, he presented his “great friend”. “We are mega happy,” says Hänni radiant LOOK. And yet: A little bit of excitement was a run at their first joint show: “The biggest Stress was probably the carpet”, the teen heartthrob balance sheet. “But we have survived with flying colors!”

After the Show the fresh treat yourself to fell in love to a break: “We’re leaving tomorrow for a few days in the mountains for skiing.”


On Valentine’s day, met the “American idol”winner had burst from 2012 on Instagram with the bomb. “I’m so proud and happy that I found you,” wrote Hänni under the pictures, which showed him and the primary school teacher from Uetendorf, BE, holding hands.

But the love has already hit much earlier: “We met in the fall,” confirmed the Beau on the Red carpet. “For more Details.” Whether Hänni, out of respect for his Ex-girlfriend back?

has Sparked between Michèle and him only shortly after the love with Tamara (25) in the same autumn. “I quickly realized that Michèle is a mega woman,” says Berner. “You hit me!”