Previously, the Venice Commission of the Council of Europe recommended a review of the changes that are proposed in the article 79 of the Constitution, or to refuse to accept one of the amendments. It is about securing Russia’s right not to carry out the decisions of interstate bodies if they contradict the country’s Basic law.

Article 79 in put to a nationwide vote, the wording does not exclude the implementation of Russia of its international obligations, stressed Leonid Slutsky. “We in no way you can’t refuse”, he added.

“However, Russia must and is obliged to protect primarily the rights of its citizens based on the provisions of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, developed on the basis of world experience and the peculiarities of our country, its geography and history, – said the politician. Is the highest priority for the state. If the decisions of international organizations do not contradict the Basic law and does not affect the sovereignty of Russia will always be to fulfill them mandatory. But we will not allow anyone to interfere in our internal Affairs.”

If the Russian people support the new version of the Basic law, nobody has the right to recommend or require Russia to abandon it, said the head of the Committee. “Democracy, as we know, power to the people!” he reminded the European politicians.