TV presenter Dana Borisova reported in Instagram that ballerina Anastasia Volochkova submitted her to court, and once again accused the actress of having an addiction to alcohol. About it writes the edition “7 days”.

Borisov cited the “storis” a video message from his lawyer Alexei Stepanov, who said that on the website Savyolovsky district court has information about the statement of claim about protection of honor, dignity and business reputation filed Volochkova.

However, he noted that the statement was left without movement, and stressed that in the words of Dana Borisova is no basis for the claim, and there are only value judgments.

“the Fact that a couple of gears I called her an alcoholic, this is my personal value judgment, to which I am entitled. If you see bloated, slovenly woman with the smell of alcohol, then with my expertise, you can absolutely tell if there’s a problem. Well, if by and large, I’m not particularly interested in this aspect”, – said subscribers TV presenter.

According to Borisova, it’s her job to answer questions in interviews, including on Volochkova.

“Well, see you in court,” she said.

Thus, according to the newspaper, after a short time the publication has gone.

As reported by “the Rambler”, earlier Anastasia Volochkova told the media that the freedom to drink alcohol, smoke Shisha, have sex, bathe in the bath, do the splits, because “deserve”.