Two basic comments in advance. Firstly, Excess pounds are not a question of appearance, but rather symptoms of a health problem. So, it’s not about reaching a goal weight, but to be so, and stay healthy. Secondly, Our weight is controlled – almost exclusively – from the hormone system. We always have the weight under the given circumstances, the optimal, or smallest possible Evil. The Problem is the circumstances are.

Lena Bredow know this obviously. That’s why your book “the biology of losing weight is” more than a diet book. It builds on two with a sound scientific safe theories. For professionals, nothing New, but well understood to the point. These relationships need to know, if you don’t want to jeopardize his health due to incorrect (nutritional)habits. But theory alone is of no use, you must be able to implement practically. That is precisely woman Bredow, as the operator of several fitness studios are an expert, your methods have been worked out in practice. The value of the book lies.

The brain is selfish

We need to know that controlled eating behavior, namely, our “selfish brain”. The term comes from the German neurologist Achim Peters. He says that the brain determines where the energy flows, and that in case of doubt always first. This “selfishness” is, from an evolutionary point of view, absolutely essential, because once the brain is dead, nothing more. Makes evolutionary sense that the brain creates only the bare minimum of fat reserves, and a Normal or ideal weight is aiming for. Every pound too much reduces our chances of making the chase and makes us from the hunter to the prey. This is the Plan A of the brain. As long as he has, belongs to one of the enviable people who will never be thick, no matter how much you eat. (The author is one of them.)

Stress makes you fat

That there are still so many overweights people, according to Peters, the result of chronic Stress. In the alarm state, the brain mobilizes immediately all the necessary energy. It is the use of a network of nerve cells that extends from the cerebral cortex to the pancreas and the liver, and the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol activates. As a result, the insulin level of the blood drops. The cells of the muscles and the organs (except the brain) are in need of Insulin, the blood sugar is “harvest”. No Insulin means: All of the food for the brain. However, if the Stress lasts, threatens the rest of the cells in a chronic energy deficit. To be able to deal with it, has developed the brain, the alternative plans B and C.

The – nervous – B-type, Cortisol levels are increased permanently. The body mass Index is in the normal range, but on the skinny legs, a pot belly, the drops in life expectancy curves. The C-type, the brain lowers the energy levels and the fat reserves in the skin – type Sumo-wrestler. Starving or Jogging help in this case, nothing in the long run, because every calorie deficit leads to Stress and hunger attacks. The brain holds on to his Plan.

intermittent fasting is the key

So much for the selfish brain. Now on to the intermittent fasting. It is important that we volunteer to do what they ought to do, our ancestors always time involuntarily – often times hunger. These hunger periods fountain for our cells like a young. The literature on the positive effects of intermittent fasting fill-in wardrobes entire wall. The weight loss results are not spectacular, but solid. It is gradually approaching the ideal weight.

There is an important difference between short and long fasting, however, is: on The first day of fasting, our brain combines, the mammoth got away. On the next attempt we must have urgency to success. Therefore, the brain is what makes us awake, provides energy, keeps us with the happy hormones in a good mood. We are, in spite of the little bit of hunger really well. Only on the third day of fasting it is considered the brain differently, and turns the whole organism on the back burner. (Long-term fasting can also be very useful, but that’s another story.)

If you know all of this, what it advises, then his überwichtigen customers? To Meditate, as Achim Peters? Logically about: excess weight comes from Stress, so reduce Stress. However, Bredow know that this works in practice, rarely “Overweights have a guilty Conscience, want to do something active.” So intermittent fasting? This usually fails due to the over-zealousness. You eat on the normal days, the device in starvation stress and gives up. The hormones are stronger than the willpower. Set up by the nature.

stage 1: Even Nutella is allowed to skip

this hurdle has Bredow developed after some Tinkering their “Phase 1”. Goes like this: at the Latest half an hour after getting Up, there is a “proper” Breakfast. It is the pleasure principle applies. About bread, Butter and honey, if you like more Sweet, or cheese, eggs, ham for the “Hearty”. There are no taboos, even Nutella is allowed.

you may eat never. Just tired enough. For this, you should report at the latest after three hours, or as soon as the Hunger, something Decent to eat. So not just an Apple carving. Directly after the dinner there will be a Sweetness in there also. Then the conclusion is. Now you must recover the body and the growth hormone effect. Per week you must treat yourself to a Matter to-night, when the Snacking is allowed. Also: Drink only non-carbonated water (tea or coffee are allowed, however, especially without milk and sugar). Alcohol, juices, Cola, etc., or Blöterli water are counterproductive. This Phase lasts for 14 days.

What is the idea behind Phase 1 is?

Overweight (and ball-bellied) suffer from over-eating, Stress, you eat with a bad Conscience and have usually tried many diets. You have suggested to your body with lack of food, and has enabled the food drive, you constantly have the urge to eat something. (In the case of Peters, the first Pull) is called. Your stress level has a lot to do with food. In these 14 days, it’s about time these Ess-Stress and the brain the certainty of return, that – despite the Stress – enough food is there and the body out of the chronic energy deficit get. In Phase 1, we tell our brain: “Be veeery quiet, no Stress, it’s soup in there.” Important: In the first Phase, it’s not about weight, it is a question that our body knows that he could fall into the feel – good weight – to-Plan-A-back.

Phase 2: Four weeks of discipline

Phase 2 lasts four weeks and requires a little more discipline. Now you should be every second day on each food. The rest of the days are running, as in Phase 1, with the difference that the break between the grinding now show a maximum of 4 (rather than) 3 hours, and that you should take the last meal three hours before bedtime.

Phase 3: on Mondays

fasted In Phase 3, the Regime is loosened. It is now: Saturday and Sunday, to eat normally, Monday fast, Tuesday normal Wednesday dinner only, Thursday normal Friday dinner only. Of course you can vary this, too, and, for example, after Phase 1, once the gentler variant 3 choose. It will take a few weeks, maybe longer, until you achieve the feel-good weight, but this is perhaps even a advantage.

Lena Bredow has made the experience that most customers aim for a goal weight far below the health-optimal Wellness weight – and all the stress mechanism in motion. (This is precisely why Meditation and sports measures are important Monitoring. They help to develop a feeling for the body and the energy flows and it needs time and Leisure.)

conclusion: the fact That intermittent is fasting a bit of the Best thing you can do for the health, you know for a long time (see here or here). Why are there still so few do, you might not know previously. The book of Lena Bredow, could be the answer.

In this fasting Guide you will find everything about the Trend to starve themselves healthy. What should be considered during the interval fast read.

It sounds like the easiest diet Plan of the story. On a day you don’t eat, on the other. Intermittent fasting-the so-called new Trend. Idols of the cave people.

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