the weight is there such a thing… It varies during the day and in the evening, we are heavier than shortly after waking Up. What many don’t know: Our body weight is subject to a regular cycle. There are days of the week, where we are heavier than others.

on Sundays, we are the most difficult, Friday is most easily

According to Brian Wansink of Cornell University, we are to take on the weekend, while we have during the week is a lighter weight. On Friday afternoon we are supposed to be easy.

to see the success of our diet, we should weigh us on Fridays, or? Exactly you should not do! Because according to the scientists, the Wednesday is suitable for weighing especially. This day of the week is in the middle, and therefore results in a mean value.

dresses to wear: rule number 1 when weighing – out of you! Dresses knock off only unnecessary Kilos to to avoid. the Every day weigh-in: do not Climb on the scales each day, that can be very depressing. Once in the week is Wednesday is the best day. the weigh-in Night: Who will measure in the evening, his weight, makes a mistake. Because after the whole day, eat and drink, and have accumulated some extra kilos attached. The best time to weigh is in the Morning. the Frustrated look at his weight: appears no Matter what the number on the scale, stay calm. You need to be aware that your body is subject to certain fluctuations and your weight is never the same. This is completely normal and you should not bring out of the socket. How often should you weigh yourself?

Although the weight is only a number, check many a day, how heavy they are. Especially those who want to lose weight, it is difficult to ums weigh-in. But it really is something to stand regularly on the scale?

A study by Wansink showed that the participants who were regular on the scale, lost more weight. The scientist advises to check at least once a week be weight.

However, all of the weigh-in also depends on the individual Constitution. Someone gets upset quickly when the number is increased the display a bit, so this Person should not every day on the scale. Pay attention to your daily mood and self-determine when is the best day to confront yourself with your weight.