Slavery on remote How to organize remote work

Is the effect of massive stress. The standard transition to remote work is quite different: there is usually need to build a workflow to “collect themselves” to fit into the mode office colleagues or customers. The current experience is unique, no one it was not like this. In this situation, as one experienced delendik: “Not to be confused with udalenku kartinkoi” – explains the Director of organizational development and HeadHunter Marina city. Now the transition process non-standard: a rapid, stress-free and universal. Stressed out people tend to act faster, to work more. Especially when it’s more supported environment, with totally: colleagues, clients, contractors, trainers…

According to the expert, round-the-clock work during the first three to five weeks is normal. In fact, it is a reaction to what has gone conventional processes – from automatic actions in the morning to communications. When people adapt, things will return to normal, the operation will take less time and emotional cost.

– We have not yet measured the effectiveness of remote work, but you can tell the opinion of top managers with whom you spoke. They say that in some magical way, the efficiency in these circumstances has increased. Maybe it is because you have to react very quickly to changing environment – told during the first session of the project “Innoprom-line” HR Director of the automobile company “Sollers” Elena Semenova.

In General, the Directors and employees of the performance of Moodle evaluated cautiously. The results of extensive research conducted by analysts HeadHunter, about half of the respondents – both managers and ordinary employees saw no change in productivity. A quarter admitted that they began to work less and overclocking noticed only 15 percent of the subordinates and 17 percent of captains.

Executives “quarantine” teams it is important to build rituals: daily calls, reporting systems and goal setting. All are now in a state of stress. When (that’s “when” and not “if”) there will be a rollback in productivity will manifest lethargy and fatigue, are essential support mechanisms that will help to work in new conditions, and burnout among officers is not going to happen. If you long to keep people in the same condition in which they are now, it would be like trying to whip a dead horse. To maintain a high pace of work, it needs to be measured: the Manager needs to ask him from the beginning, to maintain the decline in the output of a command into growth, – said Marina of the city.

the Most important thing in any form of work – processes are streamlined solutions. If you do not configure them under the remote control, inevitable failure. To avoid this, you need to master the skills of PLA��the funding of the working day, to identify points of control tasks, to build a system of synchronization of the actions of employees and the logic of communication.

– A more important become urgent to develop time management skills and “juggling” children, work, the news and the orders of the authorities – adds the Marina of the city.

the great importance of correct and rapid transmission of information within the team. With all the opportunities that the Internet and cell phones, it suddenly became a big problem for many. The solution is simple: agree on the rules and abide by them.

We have developed some desires to communicate by messengers and by telephone, – says the Vice-President for HR and social responsibility of Russian copper company Anna Shabarov. For example, if you two could not agree in the chat, you need to call: in a spirited conversation is always easier.

– here are the rules: during the working week we chat on business issues, while at the weekend trying to relax and chat among themselves informally, – shares his experience Director of organisational development and staff of the Chelyabinsk pipe rolling plant Oksana Nazarova.

Recruiters also suggest that you prepare a simple and clear recommendations, webinars or video courses on how to cope with stress and to stay in touch with all staff, including for monitoring their psychological state.

From the remote work looks attractive: don’t spend time on the road, breaks to dedicate to family or domestic Affairs. In practice, things are not so rosy.

– last year I finished study on remote work for women with children, – says head of chair of labour economy and personnel management of the Ural state University of Economics Natalia Thin. – Interviewed about 2000 women in our region and 600 women from across the country, more than 30 percent of them admitted that they would like to work remotely. But most said those who have not tried this format. Anyone has had experiences with remote work, noted the lack of social interaction, difficulty to explain to small children that it was at this point mom had to work. And the main difficulty is the blurring of boundaries between work and personal, everyday life. In foreign scientific literature there is a theory of balance between these spheres, many researchers confirm: when distance borders are erased.

the Problem is not fatal, is solved by the same planning.

– the rise of the clock, charging, Breakfast… Meetings (calls) in the calendar. Tasks for the day – in list, given the time for force majeure, – tells Marina of the city. – To schedule the necessary��, so you should read books on time management, watch the instructional video. Not to say that there’s no time. No means, and never will. And at some point you just lay fatigue and apathy.

the Fundamental point in scheduling – defining the boundaries of the working time of employees and managers. Staff must comply with them if it certainly is not about force majeure that requires immediate attention.

– Initiate such a dialogue, if it was not. That doesn’t mean I can’t send a letter with the job in 12 nights. Sent to my brain was freer, but will put a mark – time reaction. Instead of silently angry at the indiscretion of the head, it is best to clarify what he expects, when you submit task late in the evening, – develops thought the expert.

With all the inconvenience of distance work, it carries an incentive for professional growth. 58 percent of managers say that employees become more responsible for the result, 40 per cent see that subordinates have begun to develop better tasks – so staff strives to be more effective professionally is growing.

– Now very visible initiative, speed and ability to respond to the tasks. And also clearly shows who are not working and shift their responsibilities to others. This applies to leaders and employees. Want to enter the company’s talent pool? Now is the time to prove himself. The Manager must lead the team to synchronise actions. Employee – to understand what he says. The task of a subordinate is to inform the chief that he needs something, and the leader to provide or together to figure out how to do otherwise. The worst option now is to take the position “don’t tell me”. This will affect the further career growth in the company – advise the Marina of the city.

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