The decree is called the “law on the participation of the Canton in Flughafen Bern AG”. It provides that the Canton of Berne holds a minority stake in the Bern airport operator and your financial can align support. This, for example, for the financing of air navigation and for extensions.

The Canton of Bern is already a shareholder of Flughafen Bern AG, but only with a share of two percent. The Bernese government could introduce, according to the Monday published documents, this participation on, for example, thirty percent.

After the bankruptcy of the main client of the airport Bern AG, and in accordance with the partial withdrawal of the Federal government from the financing of the air navigation wise, there is a need for a stronger commitment of the public sector, writes the Bernese government. Contributions to the project should not continue to be aligned.

Green: “madness”

The Green of the Canton of Berne, responded quickly. You speak in a media release of “madness in the age of climate change”.

the law project is Welcomed, however, from the airport of Berne AG. You recently called for public Engagement. At the beginning of April, the Board of Directors had announced that he sees the airport at Belpmoos continue as a regional airport, with public and Charter flight traffic, but not as a place for low-cost airlines.

in Addition, the airport Bern AG wants to position the equipment before the gates of Bern, in the future, as the “modern mobility platform” as a place where, for example, drones, electronic, flight, taxis and self-driving cars, and certified to be tested. The new law goes to the middle of August in a consultation. n (SDA)