Change of scenery at Sky Deutschland: The pay-TV station is rearranging its sports program structure and creating five new 24-hour programs. In the future, live programs, documentaries, magazines, archive content and more will run 24 hours a day on a new highlight channel and four topic-specific channels for popular sports. The new offer should be clearer and at the same time “go even more in depth” and show “24 hours of uninterrupted sports on eight channels”, said Sky Germany sports director Charly Classen. The starting signal for the new program is July 14th. The previously unoccupied slots 204 to 207 will then be broadcast on the Sky receiver with the new theme programs. The channels are included directly in the current packages “Sky Bundesliga” and “Sky Sport” – so existing customers do not have to book anything.

The four themed programs “Sky Sport Premier League”, “Sky Sport Mix”, “Sky Sport Tennis” and “Sky Sport Golf” are added to the previous channels “Sky Sport Bundesliga”, “Sky Sport F1” and “Sky Sport News”. the highlight channel “Sky Sport Top Event”.

The highlights of the Sky Sport program are to be brought together in a compact form on “Sky Sport Top Event”, which will in future be available at channel position 201. There you can see content from “Sky Sport Bundesliga” or “Sky Sport Premier League”, for example. In the program: live broadcasts, background information, archive material and more. The non-stop Bundesliga channel “Sky Sport Bundesliga” will continue to run in slot 202. The motorsport channel “ Sky Sport F1 ” will be available in slot 203 (previously 201). Place 204 will then be permanently played with English football under the name “Sky Sport Premier League”. A mix of different sports and events will be shown on “Sky Sport Mix”, including the DFB Cup, NHL and World Surf League (slot 205). Tennis fans will get their money’s worth with “Sky Sport Tennis” (slot 206). Golf is available on the Sky Sport Golf channel of the same name (slot 207). The Ultra HD channel “Sky Sport UHD” will be in 209th place (instead of 202 as before).

This article was written by Laurent Schons

The original of this article “Five new sports channels available soon” comes from TV Spielfilm.