the rescue helicopter, volunteers from the Red Cross and the Norwegian Redningshunder, as well as the police even caught a great company out when the message arrived at 13.15 Friday: There had been a large avalanche at Skaidi in Hammerfest, and it was snøskuterspor into the area.

For a time it appeared that the comprehensive action could easily have been avoided .

Eight the thrust of the

– We got the message 13.15 if a large avalanche off the trail, and it was a part skuterspor in the area. It was uncertain whether there were people who were taken, ” says operasjonsleder Jannicke Silseth Eide with the police in the county of Finnmark.

the rescue helicopter from Banak was the first on the site.

When the Sea King-a come, it is eight snowmobiles that disappear from the site. It is not good in all that you do not stop to give information about it to possibly know. We know now that a witness has seen the avalanche, and none were taken. We have cancelled the fundraiser with the volunteers, ” says Silseth Eide.

Much to suggest that it is snøskuterfølget that has set itself snømassene in motion.

– We do not know what is the cause of the avalanche, but it is skuterspor in the area indicates that there are snowmobiles that have triggered the avalanche.


It is clear that the avalanche happened outside of the snowmobile track, but the police can so far not say anything about the distance – and thus about the run itself was illegal. Basically, it is allowed to run up to 300 metres from the trail of raging.

the Police will not drop the matter no further.

– We want to get in touch with them to find out what has happened. It is important to point out that solves one out of an avalanche in the terrain, one must opt from.

Now is the one who has come across it in retrospect and have been very concerned that some are fixed. Then results in a major action from our side. Had you reported from a time that no one was taken, we could have avoided it, ” says Mr. Silseth.

Also the joint rescue coordination centre for Northern Norway ar a settlement with skuterfølget. On Twitter they write:

“In this case was not taken, and all ended well. Just remember: It called out the great resources in such a case, and your information could be what saves the life, or frees up resources to do its job in other places. Take responsibility!”