Water contains a large number of short-lived ions. To such conclusion the Russian and German scientists.

How to write Scientific Reports, researchers from Skoltech and at the University of Stuttgart studied the ion-molecular composition of three isotopologues water — regular (H2O) and heavy (D2O) and light heavyweight (HDO) and found that very short, subpicosecond time intervals of pure liquid water contains large concentrations of short-lived ions H3O+ and OH-.

Previously it was assumed that the hydrogen atom in the composition of the water may be under the influence of quantum effects to temporarily change the structure of its nucleus, which leads to short-term excess proton state. Now it’s been corrupted in practice by spectral analysis.

Our study provides new insight about the complex structure of water in ultra-short time scale, says lead author, senior researcher at CEST Vasily Artemov.

Scientists believe that the inclusion of ion particles in ultrashort time scale will improve and greatly simplify models of physical-chemical and electrochemical systems in which liquid water plays an important role. In addition, it will help to understand the anomalous properties of water.

Wrote new periodic table of elements, where the Foundation adopted the protons in the nucleus, created by scientists from Kyoto University.

It is noted that unlike the famous periodic table it is based not on similarity in chemical properties of elements determined by the number of electrons orbiting the nucleus of an atom, and the behavior of protons in the nucleus.