the Nation’s nursing homes have had closed doors for many weeks in order to shield the elderly from the korona-the pandemic. No relatives coming in, and the older will no longer than out in the garden. Without activities that lesestunder, trips and bingo are the long days for the elderly.

Niendeklasse by Stange ungdomskole in the Interior would gladly help to ease the situation for sykehjemsbeboerne.

We were given the task to go out and film little clips in the village so that the older could see the immediate surroundings of his again, ” says Aurora Mikalsen.

– Nice to show the elderly that we have it good

Thea Cecilie Lund (14) and the Aurora Mikalsen (15) are two of the many students that have brought Stange to sykehjemsbeboerne. They were happy to get a skoleoppgave who came some others to the good.

It was very nice to hear that it was the elderly who should get this film. I hope they get a good feeling to see it, ” says Aurora.

TOUGH TIMES: Thea Cecilie Lund and Aurora Mikalsen hope their movies can help the elderly through a difficult time .

Photo: Susanne Njølstad Skandsen / NRK

The two friends filmed everything from the sunsets to the empty shops. Thea Cecilie thought it was fun to make something creative.

– I like to film and edit, so I hope we can have more creative tasks, ” says the ninth-former says from Stange.

View excerpts from the projects of some of the youngsters:

Sykehjemsbeboere finally got to see again the village say, with the help of the youth, You need javascript to see the video.

Sykehjemsbeboere finally got to see again the village say, with the help of the youth

Touched by the youths ‘ contributions

It was Anita Nysveen Romskaug, aktivitør by Stange health care center who first took the initiative to the project. Not even aktivitører get to get in on defer at this time, and Romskaug was different than before in order to activate the elderly.

– I had to think again and open those digital doors. There are many opportunities, ” says Romskaug.

DIGITAL PLEASURE: Aktivitør Anita Nysveen Romskaug now have to think digitally in order to activate the elderly. On the ipad she holds in the hands the patients may watch movies from the local environment.

Photo: Susanne Njølstad Skandsen / NRK

the Week before easter was the students, who now only have teaching over the internet, one day only on themselves to solve the task. Romskaug is impressed with the young people.

-They have been kjempeflinke. We’ve got 34 great movies. Someone filmed that they trained, the other playing with the animals. Finally, I put the films together and delivered the result to the staff of the eldresenteret. I’m touched by what they have achieved.

– Fear to never get to meet his family

Birger is one of the many residents who have been given a glimpse of the outside through to see the movie.

He is in no doubt about what he put most pleased to see.

FUN TO SEE: Birger was happy to see the animals and scenery again on the movie from the youngsters.

Photo: Laila Thorshaug / Stange health care center

It was nice to see the animals again. What they do and how they move, ” says Birger.

the Nurse at the center, Karoline Vogt is happy that patients have something else to think about.

– We see that they are understimulert now that there are no activities. There are a lot of sluking of news and more are afraid. The nursing home is the last stop for many, and when they fear that the insulation will last so long that they are unable to meet the family again.

a LOT of ANXIETY: Karoline Vogt, a nurse at the eldresenteret in Stange, says that they have many conversations with the older to try to turn the bad thoughts.

Photo: Susanne Njølstad Skandsen / NRK

According to Vogt has the arrangement that the young people have completed and other digital tools have been the rescue for those who live at the nursing home.

Fortunately, we have social media. Patients also have many phone calls with the relatives. Now we have also initiated the use of video calling, and there we see that has a pretty good effect on the residents, ” says Vogt.