Skoda told how and what to protect yourself from coronavirus in the car

in addition to traditional “sit home!” the chief of Skoda Jan Parmova gives specific recommendations on the methods and means of disinfection of the cabin, which can be very useful. So, the cabin must regularly disinfect the steering wheel and paddle flags, gearshift lever and handbrake knobs and buttons, doors, switches, stereos or screens multimedia system, armrests, levers and buttons of adjustment of seats, door frames, external door handles and trunk.

But what all this process. Consumer Reports advises to use the cleaning products that you have at home. Any suitable liquid, in which more than 70% alcohol, but isopropyl alcohol will not harm the trim. Alcoholic liquid you can wipe the seat upholstery and other soft surface – the main thing is not to overdo it so the fabric wouldn’t get wet.

If alcohol-containing liquid to pour too much, the skin or its substitute may lose color, so no need to RUB these finishes too much, but after cleaning the skin should be treated by appropriate means to care for her.

the company Also advises not to use for disinfecting surfaces hydrogen peroxide, as it can damage the finish. For touch screens you should not use cleaners based on ammonia. For all the details best suited rags from microfiber.

don’t forget the Skoda chief to reiterate the need to wear a mask if you are in the car with passengers. A regular mask will not protect against the virus, but greatly reduce the chance of infecting other people. But for maximum protection, the brand recommends the use of respirators class FFP3 and above.

in addition, Skoda recommend a “clean up” and the system Ventimodulation and air conditioning, where you can also perfectly reproduce bacteria. However, the company advises not to go for this service. But advised to buy a special spray, which, although not as effective as professional products, but health to reduce the risk of coronavirus is located in the system.

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Text: Avtovesti