in The morning is for Wendy Holdener (26) everything is normal. The Ski world champion and Olympic champion completed one of their first snow training this summer. In the afternoon it’s over with the usual environment! A helicopter brings Holdener at over 3000 meters above sea level. Back on the ground to go with a Tandem paraglider flight.

“It was crazy. At the top, before the jump, I had a lot of anxiety, I must admit. But if you’ve decided there is no going Back,” says Wendy after landing at the football facility of the Kickers Lucerne Tribschen. Anxiety in Holdener, which in Winter, on the fast downhill runs at full throttle? She explains: “I do not like, if I have to give up the responsibility.”

the reason for The adrenaline boost during the summer break: With the Heli-jump announced the Schwyzerin that it will be from the next Winter with Emmi Caffè Latte, as the new head sponsor on-the-go.