on the back of Lara’s Well-Behrami back to its old strength? Since her ACL tear two years ago, she won 48 races in just one. “The Sport is not my only priority,” she says. Doesn’t sound promising. But she also says: “I want to be back at the Start and say: It’s about the victory!”

in order for this To happen, much provides Well-Behrami on the head. Her long-time Fitness Coach Patrick Flaction? Way. Their Media Supervisor Giulia Candiago? No longer on the Team. For this, they take part in the summer in both South America training camps (technology and Speed). An approach to the Swiss Ski only at first glance. Well-Behrami insists more on your private team, would like to by the Association privileges. Conversations run. In accordance with the VIEW information could pull the rope even weeks. “We will find a solution” says women-in-chief Beat Tschuor.

“Lara didn’t have the right focus,”

last Saturday was Well-Behrami 28 years old. You want to make to 33. For Head racing Director Rainer Salzgeber, it is clear that the Tessinerin must not Tinker with only to your Team, but also to their setting. “The giant slalom is the core discipline. In the last summer and autumn, Lara had the right focus, you took everything to loose,” said the Austrian. Concretely: you have too little tested Material. “Skis, Bindings, Plates, Shoes. The development goes on and on, is complex. If you have not tried it but, new models or after a run of says, you would be no good, you are on the wrong path.”

The result: Well-Behrami not caught up, you put in the preparation, in the Winter. In six giant slaloms of the 14. Place Well-Behramis Top-Giant Slalom Result. Figures of horror. “Lara thought: “We’re going to be okay.” This is the wrong approach,” says Salzgeber.

Well-Behrami is in need of a second Trainer in the private team

After all, the woman from Comano TI is no longer indicated to repeat their mistakes of the previous year. You want to start early on with the giant exercise to test every month on the snow. “I liked that you said that,” says Salzgeber.

at the same time, he recognizes a fundamental Problem in the case of Well-Behrami. He is convinced that you need next to your father, Pauli a second Trainer in the private team. “Someone to tell you the truth, if you are on the wrong path.” It was not pleasant, but helpful. In fact, repeated Well-Behrami earlier, always gain from the Outside: Patrice Morisod, Daniel Albrecht, Didier Cuche, Max Blardone. “But they were only selectively,” Salzgeber, “Lara is someone who accompanies you always.”

as with Mikaela Shiffrin (24). Or Marcel Hirscher. They also have one of the parents (Eileen Shiffrin and Ferdinand Hirscher), a Person of trust. But also other people in the Coaching Staff. Salzgeber: “In Hirscher it is Mike Pircher. He has a certain distance to Marcel. And says his opinion directly or via Ferdl, his father. I could imagine that something like that would work for Lara super. Because something is clear: it is an exception ahtletin.”