Lara gut-Behrami (27) and her private team is justified by the extra sausage in the light of the disappointing world Cup and poor season?

what is Clear is that In the Ski world Cup a Team to a driver is often a success factor. Lara Guts the past is the best example. The Tessinerin wins in 2016, the overall world Cup standings. As always with Papa Pauli Well as the Association-funded Trainer on the side.

In the last years have shown that a luxury environment is mandatory in order to win the big crystal ball! Since 2013, only the driver took the overall world Cup standings, which are cared for in the Winter instead of in the Association environment prefer a private on-the-go.

“courage and good work everything is possible!”

in addition to Well-Behramis it is 2013, Tina Maze, enjoyed in anyway, of course, a small Slovenian Team is an Extra-care. In 2014 and 2015, triumphed Anna Veith (Anna Fenninger). And in 2017 as well as 2018, it is Mikaela Shiffrin, who will do it in 2019.

And also double downhill world champion Ilka Stuhec is also embedded in a private team.

so put any candidate of the major consequences in terms of the large crystal ball on a Team in a Team? Tina Maze does not consider it mandatory. As a VIEW you win on Michelle Gisins dream of, once the overall world Cup standings, is responsive, and asks what it needs, says the Slovenian: “With courage and good work everything is possible!”