The Swiss ski manufacturer Stöckli has made in record time, an Online Shop for the summer business to the legs. Within two days, the company has a complete Bike in-Store with Chat and phone counselling in the network of cobbled. A Team of Marketing, Controlling, sales, and IT has made the performance possible. At a distance, mind you. The Whole was undertaken from the home office.

The action is born out of necessity. Stöckli had to close because of the Corona of a crisis from one day to the other 15 branches. A big blow for the company. In addition, the core business was suddenly way: With the closing of the ski resorts, no one drives more Stöckli. Recreational athletes forgo the purchase. The hiring centres will lie idle. On the mountain, the silence ruled, in the case of Stöckli the concern.

The production of the Ski still ran until Monday. Since then, work at the headquarters in Malters LU prevails in Short, where the company manufactures each year, tens of thousands of skis. How many employees are affected, not Stöckli known. The Executive Committee meets every week in person. Several video conferences. The situation is constantly changing.

hole in the revenue

The short-term sales go to losses in the millions. The company must raise additional debt capital, such as Stöckli-chief Marc glasses (51) says. Wants to one day be paid off. The whole Situation is dodgy.

The annual volume of production will decrease. Glasses estimates the decline to “10 to 20 percent”. The Expansion of production capacity – a big goal for this year – has no longer a priority. Now it comes to curves, as unscathed as possible through the crisis.

glasses will remain optimistic. “We are all affected by the crisis,” he says. But he believes in the robustness, creativity and productivity of the Swiss entrepreneurs. The solidarity and discipline of the last few days had been “unique”. Just in his company, he was entitled to a lot of motivating examples of experience.

light in the power

glasses remains but also a Realist. He sees the consequences for the company, he is involved with ten percent. It goes to the canned. The closure of the 15 stores he referred to as “dramatic”. The pressure on the retail business, which was already under pressure, will again rise significantly. Difficult decisions are inevitable.

Because even in the case of an early re-opening of the shops of the problems are foreseeable. The camps are full. At Stöckli, and at the competition. The intra-Swiss have around 2500 Bikes in the stores and the Central office. When the Stores open in a few weeks, will start in the entire industry, discount promotions, in order to generate the warehouse empty and the much-needed liquidity. This, too, will feel Stöckli. In fact, the bikes at the intra-are Swiss online discounted already now significantly Rabat.

the light of the virtual Bike shop remains. Several dozen bicycles are already over the counter in the network. The employees from the stores deliver directly to the door in front of the house. Seven to ten smaller delivery trucks use are in the duration.