Michelle Gisin looks forward to the Computer. In just a few seconds it will calculate which bird it is. How, please? Just as it is. During a tour in the bird’s-Sempach, LU wait parses a program given their interests – that is to say, the depressed buttons – which bird it is, ultimately.

The Ski all-rounder is looking forward. And soon, the printer spits out a card. “I’m a knuckle of a stream,” says Michelle’s father Beat and mother Bea. These need to laugh – so Michelle also. Impressed, the angel girl is not for the time being: “Wagtail’t sound all that after skiing …”

“This is on me!”

But then she reads the description next to the photo. It says: The white Wagtail and a pleasure to stay in nearby waters. They are also used in the settlements, or climbing high into the mountains. Gisin: “This is on me!”

if you are asking yourself, why Gisin wait at all, the bird Sempach visited, you need to know: she loves birds. “I get since my Childhood from my Dad a calendar with birds behind the door. This is not only beautiful, but instructive.” The Background: father Beat is not only a Hobby-ornithologist, but also patrons of the bird Observatory.

“99 percent” in Sölden at the Start

Now, Gisin put the bird customer, however, you focus on the skiing. Contrary to initial hints, you want to be already in Sölden (Austria) at the start of the season in the process. “99 per cent”, as you put it. It is 41 further compete at the world Cup race, the Gisin, with the exception of slalom has some Parallel-all on the program. A Mammoth Task. “I feel great,” she says. Also your operated-on right knee, it is wonderful. “It’s better than before the SURGERY,” she adds.

The cartilage damage is repaired, and since she was already able to train again early in the snow, it had no residue on the competition. On the contrary, Gisin is in great shape. “Sometimes people ask me, how’s my knee. I must then think about what you mean,” she says.

wait, Back to the bird Sempach. And for the “Wagtail Gisin”. In the description it says that you can definitely sing, but often inconspicuous, quiet power. Gisin, laughing: “Unobtrusive, quiet? True. But the Can with the? Not really.”

All info of the Ski-season 2019/20

From 26. October 2019, which is again danced by the rod of the forest and the downhill slopes down thundered. Here you will find everything you need to know about the new Ski season.