The right knee of Michelle Gisin (25) is a long time in a construction site. As a 17-Year-old, she pulls the cross band. With 20 years she suffers cartilage damage. Last January, at the races in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, the knee-medical file is two entries richer. the overthrow of

Without, hurt you. The diagnosis: Damaged cartilage to once again. A cruciate ligament strain. You have to go under the knife, missed the world Cup in Are. Many wonder whether Gisins right knee will ever be completely healthy again.

“in fact, many people ask me how my knee. I must then think about what you mean,” she says with a grin. And adds: “I don’t think the fact that I was injured. Today my right knee is stronger than ever.”

“In Training, I had to watch the past,”

How come? Review: Gisin drove for years in the Ski world Cup with a damaged cartilage could treat the former injury from the 2013 conservative. “She was too small, as that Operation would have been worth it. Nevertheless, I had to be careful, especially in the first years, in the Training. There were phases, since the Problem is restricted to me.”

Now, finally, there was the opportunity to treat the old damage – to hit two birds with one stone. It worked. “The intervention has perfect sat. To me, it goes incredibly well.”

What is not mentioned Gisin: she earned this status through hard rehab work – always accompanied by ihrenm years of doctor Lukas Weisskopf and Physio Felix Zimmermann.

you had also longer holidays. “It is mega cool that we pretty much got everything back,” said the angel girl.

Two months in the lead

But that’s not all. In comparison to other riders Gisin is in their pre-season up to two months in the lead – both physically, as well as the Material. The snow-rich Winter in the spring, perfect slope conditions offered. Thus Gisin is compared to the past almost two months in the “tab” – technically, physically and in terms of material tests.

A guarantee of a Super Comeback, this is not yet. But the conditions are right. Gisin: “As ready as I was now in August, never.”