He flies and flies and flies. Simon Ammann (38) is also sailing in the coming season on the biggest jumps in the world thunder, at the table in the air to catapult through the air and ultimately will gently in the snow land. He starts in his 23 (!) The World Cup Season. “At the moment, I’m already a little flat,” he says with a grin, “but it’s gonna be okay.” What Ammann says: most Recently, he had to for his Assessment tests at the University of St. Gallen toil. The cost of energy. “In addition, I have omitted the holidays,” says Ammann.

Quick question: Why does the double-double Olympic champion (2002 and 2010) the big effort? Finally, he has to do at home as a father of two children much too. The reasons are many and varied. After a year of adaptation, he feels on his Slatnar Ski more and more comfortable. To this end, Ammann has recognized that he can physically keep up with 38. Finally, the environment which fits is still there. Both of that in sports as well as the private life of the home. “Of course, I have also spoken with my wife Yana about it. She’s holding my back. Without your support this would not be possible.”

“Much of the work automatically”

Finally, the good feeling, which won Ammann towards the end of the last season at the wide jumps in Vikersund (rank 8) and Planica (ranks 6 and 13) was still there. “I needed that. Much worked automatically, it was a matter of course. I could start again to play.” Means that The jumps were not Knorz. Ammann: “I no longer had to think constantly. Like a striker in football, the stands alone in front of the goalkeeper. If he has self-confidence, he makes him clean. If it but to much busy, it goes wrong.”

Precisely because so many factors hanging on to his career, decided to Ammann, it was not until many weeks after the end of the last season: Yes, I’ll do more! He does it without any fuss. The Communiqué from the Swiss Ski 11. April, he is no more and no less was on the list of selected athletes for the coming Winter. And what will the future bring? Ammann: “The podium must be the target.” Especially on the big jumps, he sees potential. Because: The pure jump force does not play the decisive role – the aerodynamics is at least as important.