The Winter is still young. And yet there is in the Swiss Ski Team, already a big winner: Joana Hählen (26). The Power woman steering has early for the world Cup in Are, (5. February) and qualified. Not somehow, but with a cracked cruciate ligament in the left knee!

“I didn’t even know if I would be available this Winter on the skis.” Although Hählen want to jinx anything, and finally the selections will follow later.

But in the Super-G (ranked 7th in St. Moritz), as well as in the departure (positions 8 and 12 in Lake Louise) it meets the usual world Cup criteria. “This is cool, I have the mega joy.”

her legs real muscle packages

What is surprising at first glance: Hählen drives in spite of its injury, perhaps, so good as never before. With a reason of their physical Constitution. Your legs real Muscle. To do this, on the Ski with only 160 cm in body size, a low center of gravity, both of which have a stabilizing effect.

in Addition, Hählen told: “I had torn the ligaments earlier, they were already loose. So I knew I had to train.”

However, there is still the head. Hählen, recalls: “In the spring holidays in Guadeloupe, I had no pain. In the plane back I realized that something was wrong.” The diagnosis: cruciate ligament followed crack. They had not noticed him. “A shock, but I overcame him.”

Earlier she risked head and collar

Perhaps the injury had a positive effect. Because: in the past, the “wild hen”, as she called Ex-head coach Hans flatscher once, each man who risked. Michelle Gisin (25) recalls: “it went extremely to the Limit, crashed almost in every workout. I called you “Kamikana” – a mixture of Kamikaze and Joana.”

This is long different. “I’ve already made in Winter, before progress,” Hählen. The reward: world Cup in Are. She has earned it – even without a healthy cruciate ligament.