Even the Winter for Corinne Suter is far away. Until the beginning of December it applies to the Speed-specialist, serious again, then the race in Lake Louise (Ka) are on. The 25-Year-old toils for months, on and off the slopes. After the South America-training camp-jealous now, but once a break under the sun of Greece. To Be More Precise: In Santorini. There, she leaves with friend Angelo your soul. “The end of the week, we are back again. But now we enjoy the time, it’s wonderful,” she says to VIEW.

in The photo, the Schwyzerin post on Instagram, are some of the things. First of all, the perfect balancing act that she conjures up to the edge of the hotel pool would be. It is something that Suter for many years, dominated. And then one stands out, of course, the silver bathing dress in the eye – a real eye-catcher!

How you came to it? The fabric is perhaps a nod to her world championship silver medal, which she won last February in Are, (Sd)? Suter needs to smile. “No, not at all. The bathing suit has no special meaning, I just loved it – that’s why I ordered it.”

So much Suter on the weather and the countryside in the Aegean sea enjoys, too – she thinks, but then, sometimes, already back to skiing. “When I’m back, can come the Winter!”