Skater Olga Sevostyanova told about the consequences of falling from a 5 meter height

the Russian skater Olga Sevostyanova, performing in the ice show, spoke about the consequences of the tragic incident that happened to her at the opening of the youth Olympic games in Lausanne at the beginning of the year.

35-year-old athlete due to a technical failure fell from 5 meter height during the execution of one of the stunts before the opening ceremony and miraculously survived. She survived a coma, numerous surgeries and difficult rehabilitation period, on which the whole world gathered 50 thousand euros.

“the Main problem with the hand, it is necessary to restore it. The time plays in my favor. He was a very bad fracture, it is fragmented into 40 small oskolochki, very bad place in the joint. Vision is also a problem, because I had five fractures on my face, and affected the nerve endings. Was paralyzed right side of her face, she just didn’t move. Optic nerves were also affected, the muscles do not work properly, and one eye does not tear. The eyes constantly have to close, otherwise all the doubles. Because the eyes seem to move not parallel. Year you have to live,” – said Sevostyanova the newspaper “Sport-Express”.

According to her, the international Olympic Committee (IOC) tried to hush up the tragedy – it was not profitable to make a fuss. Once the story became public, communication with the Committee was broken and no help from the IOC Olga did not wait. At the moment there is an investigation, lawyers work, the result is parsed in detail.

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the Skater stressed that, despite her difficulties, she was happy that we were able to survive. Doctors believe herrestoring miracle. When she was taken out of the coma, the wife warned: we don’t know what state she’ll be back, whether to walk, to think at all.

“I Thank God that I was given the chance to once again hug their children,” said the Russian.