Skater Adelina Sotnikova has announced the completion of a career

she said this in the program “the Destiny of man with the YouTube Korchevnikov” on TV channel “Russia-1”. Previously, the skater underwent surgery in which the athlete was found two implants into the spine, which connects the plate. All of this is fixed with six titanium screws.

Photo: Alexander vilf / RIA Novosti Skater Tuktamysheva told about parting with her lover

Adelina Sotnikova was the first in the history of Soviet and Russian figure skating won the gold medal of the Olympic games. It happened at the Games in Sochi in 2014.

“Officially I want to say one thing: with professional sports it’s just all because at the moment I want to be healthy, happy, – quotes TASS Sotnikov. – I’m sad and it’s hard to say. I also to please their fans and fans, but not in the professional arena, although I’m insanely bored when watching the competition, it breaks my heart, because I want to, but unfortunately health does not allow. I want to say thank you all for your support and love for me, it is really a great my family, brace story is not over, but the sport is officially closed.”

Sotnikova speaks with the 2015-2016 season, however, officially ending my career and not announced. Also in the career Sotnikova was two silver medals of European Championships. At the world Championships she the number of winners did not fall.