SK took Tsepovyaz under goszaschitu in the Amur colony

the resignation of the leaders of this IR and the excitation against them criminal cases associated with the scandalous “peers” Tsepovyaz. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the statement of the lawyer of Henry Khachaturov.

“Tsepovyaz in Omsk, the colony. He was transported to Rostov – don was transferred, said Khachaturov. – The consequence has received documents from the Investigative Committee, from the Central office, that he is in a criminal case, where the user is involved in Amur colony, where he crabs eat what he is witnessing, and furnished the program of state protection”.

Photo: Tatiana Kuznetsova/RIA Novosti Completed the investigation of the “feasts” Tsepovyaz in the Amur colony

According to the lawyer, without the permission of the RF IC Tsepovyaz now anywhere it is impossible to translate, in particular be transported outside of the colony. In this regard, investigative actions are in Omsk correctional institution.

As previously wrote “RG”, according to the preliminary version, prison officials in 2011-2015 due to the relatives Tsepovyaz and other prisoners opened at the colony café, apiary, auto repair and several other business groups, not provided for in the penal system. The convicts who worked there (including Tsepovyaz) enjoyed a number of advantages. They were given extra visits and transfer prematurely removed sanctions. People who had to be kept under strict conditions, lived quite comfortably and even had the opportunity to throw a big “feast” with delicacies. One of the feasts was filmed on photo and video. Once in the Internet, these images have caused a wide public resonance. Against the leaders of the colony were prosecuted, and they were dismissed withists.

Photo: Anton Denisov/ RIA Novosti SK announced the presentation of Dmitry Zakharchenko new allegations of bribery

On the website of the Prosecutor General’s office reported that the case of abuse of office (part 1 of article 286 of the criminal code) by employees of a colony will be considered in the Ivanovo district court of the Amur region. The materials will pass in court after delivery of a copy of the indictment.

in addition, it was found that the relatives of Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz were allegedly involved in other crimes that were previously unknown. Vladimir Alexeev of the gang Hoe, who is serving 2013 a life sentence in Mordovia, confessed to previously unknown crimes of the bandits from the village Kushchevskaya. About it also wrote “RG”.

Vova Bespredel, as it was called Alekseeva accomplices, is accused in a criminal case against Fyodor Streltsov, Natalia Trishna (ex-wife previously convicted Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz), her brother Ivan, and others. during the investigation, Alekseev announced the participation of all three in a criminal group. Supposedly they were in the band generators of ideas and worked with banks engaged in cashing and money legalization. The convict also said that in 2010, Tsepovyaz Natalia and her brother concocted a scheme to seize the property of a local businessman Alexander Isuka, which threatened physical violence against him was forced to take on his business loan – about 70 million roubles, and subsequently to give the entire sum to gangsters.

the Investigation new episodes of the bloody gang has been the main investigation Department of research Affairs of Russia in the Rostov region. Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz acts in these cases as a witness.