SK resumed its case on the fact of theft in Liberia pilot Yaroshenko

the Case will be conducted in respect of 11 employees of management on struggle against drugs of the Ministry of justice (DEA), four employees of security Service of the Republic of Liberia, two citizens of Liberia and several unidentified persons. the Case is in production of investigators of SK of Russia in the Rostov region.

Moskalkova asked the Red Cross to help her to visit Konstantin Yaroshenko

the Russian Citizen Konstantin Yaroshenko, according to investigators, on may 28, 2010, was kidnapped by the suspects from the Parking lot of the hotel Royal Hotel located in the Liberian city of Monrovia. Excuse – detention for alleged ongoing trade in drugs and the preparation of their subsequent illicit transportation on territory of the United States.

“After the kidnapping Yaroshenko was taken to unknown location on the territory of Liberia, where illegally detained until may 30, 2010. He was not provided consular and legal assistance, the Russians were subjected to violence, abuse and torture to obtain a confession from him”, – told in SK Russia.

Subsequently, Yaroshenko “without compliance with any mandatory legal procedures established as international law and legislation of the Republic of Liberia governing extradition and deportation of a foreign citizen from the territory of that state and without obligation to notify diplomatic missions of the Russian Federation” had been smuggled on the plane by employees of management of drug enforcement Department of justice in new York. There he was placed in a local jail, and subsequently tried and sentenced to 20 years in prison. Presently, Yaroshenko is serving a sentence in the territory of the United States. Did the Russians and his defense has repeatedly called the incident a provocation.

“In the course of investigation of criminal case the consequence has repeatedly taken steps to identify and prosecute persons suspected of committing illegal acts in Relosenii citizen of the Russian Federation. On to international inquiries about legal aid to competent authorities of Liberia to the interrogation of persons involved in the kidnapping Yaroshenko, and provide information proving their identity, responses to date have not received. And the competent authorities of the United States officially refused to provide information about the health of Yaroshenko, and interrogation of persons involved in his abduction”, – noted in SK.

the US refused to give Russia pilot Yaroshenko

In may last year it was reported about the removal Yaroshenko tumors of the stomach in an American prison.

In SK emphasize that the decision to resume the investigation, “dictated by the need to perform a number of additional investigative and procedural actions on criminal case”. So, for example, the investigators will make inquiries, including re, to the competent authorities of the United States, the Republic of Liberia “for the purpose of obtaining data on the security personnel that committed the kidnapping Yaroshenko, information about his health status, as well as the possibility of questioning himself.”

“in addition, the consequence will be recognized as the victim and questioned on the criminal case the wife of Konstantin Yaroshenko,” – concluded in the RF IC.