SK has completed the investigation of former associate Professor of St. Petersburg state University, Oleg Sokolov

the Case of Professor was investigated in Moscow exclusively because of too large a public outcry.

Official representative of the Investigative Committee, Svetlana Petrenko, said the correspondent “RG” the following:

According to investigators, Oleg Sokolov committed the murder of PhD student Saint-Petersburg state University Anastasia Yeshchenko. During the investigation he admitted his guilt.

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the Representative of Department Alexander Bastrykin said that the investigation collected sufficient evidentiary base.

Now volumes of the criminal case sent, as required by law, the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation “to resolve the question of approval of the indictment”.

When it became known the grisly details of the murder, the main assumption was that the falcons just mentally ill. And this belief long held, until the end of the special examination.

the fact that we have similar research in the Institute of Serbia are obliged by law everyone who commits a serious crime, primarily murder.

And if the doctors say that the suspect or accused is ill and did not give the report in what they were doing, then it will not be judged. He goes to a specialized medical institution of the closed type behind barbed wire. Where it will monitor. And there are two options – if the Commission, which regularly reviews these patients, decide that a person is healthy, he will be tried.

If hopes for a recovery person there, the murderer will remain in a mental hospital for life.

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the falcons passed a comprehensive psychological and psychiatric examination. It revealed his sanity at the time of committing crimes.

According to his lawyer, the court may consider the criminal case in April of this year.

Recall that Oleg Sokolov is considered one of the activists of military-historical reconstruction in Russia. It also referred to a major specialist in the military history of France.

Plus, the Sokolov – candidate of historical Sciences, the author more than 30 scientific papers.

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After committing the crime, he was dismissed from work, so today Sokolov, former associate Professor of St. Petersburg University.

the Investigation of his case was so to say, in record time. For such cases it is considered rare. Perhaps due to the fact that the historian pleaded guilty immediately after his arrest.

Recall, falcons 7 November last year shot his graduate student Anastasia Yeshchenko shotgun. In the night of 9 November, he tried to get rid of the body, dividing it. On the morning of the same day, Sokolov was taken from the Moika river with my backpack. Rescuers thought that the drunk fell and drown. The way it was. But in the backpack saved an elderly man lay a severed female hand and a traumatic pistol.

a Victim of the Professor was his student, with whom he lived in his apartment on the Moika embankment. There a little later and found her headless corpse.

the Investigation of his case was so to say, in record time. That such cases are considered rare

After a terrible finds chilling details have surfaced almost daily.

So it turned out that after the murder of the concubine falcons didn’t just leave her body in the apartment, and managed to take in her features.

those who Came did not know that behind the closed door of one of the rooms is a dead body.

the Motive of his act, he called a quarrel with Eschenko, when, according to him, it turned into “monster tale”.

the Victim recognized the consequence of the victim’s parents graduate students who will not participate in multiple transferx and asked journalists to leave them alone.