SK filed a case of murder of missing girl high-profile article about the defendants in the

the Investigating authorities opened a criminal case on the murder the disappearance in 2017 the inhabitant of Penza Ekaterina Levchenko, mentioned in a resonant article “Medusa” on the business “Network”*. The publication wrote that an acquaintance of the defendants Alexey Poltavets, who escaped from Russia, has confessed to the murder and Levchenko missing with her Artyom Dorofeyev. Murder, he said, was committed allegedly on the orders of Dmitry Pchelintseva, who was sentenced to 18 years in a strict regime penal colony on charges of organizing a terrorist community.

Body Dorofeeva with signs of violent death was found in November 2017 in the forest in the Ryazan region, until April 2019, it was in the morgue as unidentified. Identity was confirmed after his parents took biological material for DNA analysis. Traces Levchenko was not found.

February 25, the girl’s parents appealed to the Prosecutor with a request to verify the information from the article “jellyfish” about the possible murder of their daughter, reported “Interfax” an informed source. They contacted the police immediately after the disappearance of Catherine at the end of March 2017. Then there was a search case, but this does not lead to anything.

26 February parents Levchenko was summoned for questioning to the Investigative Committee. “Wrote a statement, then his explanation, he took the epithelium for the analysis, designed the Protocol of seizure of objects, the Protocol of taking the epithelium, and then the interrogation was issued. I gave the staff of SK Katina note, my old phone where there was correspondence, Katin tablet”, – has told “the Media” the missing girl’s mother Tatyana Levchenko.

Sergey Levchenko RBC said that a criminal case after the disappearance of his daughter filed for the first time, and the occasion was the release of the “Medusa”. According to him, all mentioned in the article, the suspects also appear in the case. Levchenko said that he had asked the co-author of the publication of journalist Christine Safronov to publish the material as possible beforebut she asked me to give her two weeks.

According to the resolution of IC in the Penza region, seen by RBC, the victim in the criminal case of murder recognized by Tatyana Levchenko. The document States that in March of 2017 Catherine left home, “leaving the identity documents, clothes and other personal belongings.” After that no information about the whereabouts of the girl were reported. While checking “received information about possible death,” Levchenko, but the probable circumstances of her death is not named.