SK announced the presentation of Dmitry Zakharchenko new allegations of bribery

we are Talking about large and extra large size of bribes. About the version of the investigation, the correspondent “RG” told the official representative of the investigative Department Svetlana Petrenko.

In December 2015 Zakharchenko received a bribe from the businessman in payment for his hotel accommodation of the city of Sochi in 12 days worth more than 800 thousand rubles. In addition, in the period from November 2007 to August 2016, the defendant received monthly bribes from business groups, which in total exceeded 1 billion 400 million rubles. Illegal remuneration Zakharchenko received for General support of the commercial activities of entrepreneurs, which he provided to them until his arrest in September 2016.

Photo: Michael Pochuev/TASS the Prosecutor’s office appealed the parole Reimer

According to Petrenko, in addition Zakharchenko accused the briber is a large businessman Valery Markelov and intermediaries. They were trusted people Zakharchenko Vasily Kretinin and former lawyer Viktor Belevtsov.

In the UK said that immediately after the arrest of Zakharchenko bribe-givers and intermediaries began to abscond. Some left the country. Their detention the investigators call “the effective interaction between investigators and operational services”. Three more hiding from the investigation, remain at large.

Petrenko said that the investigation of these citizens completed. They get acquainted with the criminal case.

Recall that exactly a year ago SK asked in absentia arrested the businessman Dmitry Motorin, co-owner of group of companies “1520”, Boris Usherovich and member of the Board of Directors of the Bank “New time” Ivan Stankevich. Stankevich and Osherovich accused of receiving a bribe, and Motorin – in cottagese a bribe in especially large size, they were declared wanted.

Photo: Alex Maishev / RIA Novosti Confessed to having tossed the drugs Golunova ex-COP released from jail

prior To this, in the fall of 2018 in the case Zakharchenko was arrested member of the Board of Directors of JSC “Roszheldorproject” Valery Markelov. The investigation then stated that it received most of the funds seized in the apartment of Colonel. Lawyer Viktor Belevtsov, who was a confidant Zakharchenko, is currently under arrest.

The Colonel Zakharchenko was arrested in September 2016 and was accused of receiving 7 million rubles of bribes from the former head and co-owner of the company “Rusinzhiniring” Anatoly Prigornitskaya. Then there was the search in the apartment of the Colonel’s sister, which found the deposits of the Bank in batches, a total amount of nearly nine billion rubles. Family Zakharchenko was very wealthy. But the judgment more than a dozen apartments and other goods left in the state.