SK announced the end of the case of Michael Ustyantseva

Ustyantseva accused of serious criminal charges – “the creation of a terrorist community, for the purposes of propaganda, justification and support of terrorism; organization of the activities of the organization, which in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation as terrorist; the creation of religious or public Association whose activity involves violence against citizens or otherwise causing harm to their health, and the leadership of such Association.”

Photo: RIA Novosti North Caucasus Federal district detained five supporters of the terrorist community

As the correspondent “RG” in the TFR, from 2010 to April 2018 Ustyantsev led the Russian structural unit of the terrorist community “AUM” (the activity of which is prohibited by a decision of the Supreme court of the Russian Federation).

Mikhail Ustyantsev organized distribution among the residents of Moscow, St. Petersburg and Volgograd religious doctrine, “motivate ordinary followers to give him money, which he gave to the Japanese leaders of the terrorist community, “AUM”, thus funded terrorism”.

Photo: REUTERS/Eriko Sugita/File Photo Japan executed the leader of the sect “AUM Shinrikyo”

In interaction with bodies of Federal security service of Russia the illegal activities of Ustyantseva foiled may 1, 2018 in the organization of them the next meeting of adherents of the “AUM Shinrikyo”.

Ustyantsev is in jail. His criminal case is directed the public Prosecutor to decide on the approval of the indictment. Partners Ustyantsevand declared wanted.