Two-time world Cup champion, Team captain and successful advertising figure – but not a good business man. Philipp Lahm (35) has stuck with its tradition-rich company. Only a month after the famous German footballer has taken over the cosmetics company Sixus as the sole shareholder, the company will be Forfeit. The “Münchner Merkur reported”.

20 employees are making from the company that, among other things, Hand – and Fusscrèmen, dismissed. Ten volunteered to go. What remains, are a part-time employee and an apprentice. Seven of the dismissed employees have lodged appeals against the termination.

Only eight products

Sixus worked on a 3850 square meters of floor space and produced 220 different products. Now, the company is to tables with three desks, a 12-square-meter laboratory and the files in the basement to get along. The company produces eight of the 220 products. A total of 3.6 percent of the original selection.

The company Sixus there since 1931, and was the Sponsor of two Olympic Games – in 1952, and 1972. The mayor of Schliersee (D) referred to the development as a “huge loss for the whole County”. (nwa)