Six years ago, the Crimea returned to Russia

the day of the signing of the constitutional law on the reunification of the Crimea with Russia on March 18, a festive relay race will be continued by the biker club “Night wolves”, which everyone will make a rally Simferopol – Sevastopol. During the run of two columns – from Simferopol and Sevastopol – will come together, and so reach the mountain Gasfort, which will host the concert.

Photo: Vasiliy Batanov/RIA Novosti the Embassy of the Russian Federation invited the US authorities to visit the Crimea

In March 2014, the Crimean people have expressed the will of the people, felt their own unity. In just three weeks the inhabitants of the Peninsula took a step, opportunities for which expected almost a quarter of a century. On the eve of the sixth anniversary of the historic Crimean referendum correspondent “RG” talked with Crimeans who in February-March of 2014, did anything to save their Motherland from the carnage.

“the day crying…”

a Resident of Simferopol Tatiana Savitskaya, along with hundreds of others participated in a peaceful protest, urging the Supreme Council to take responsibility for peace and security of the Crimean people. The rally turned violent confrontation of supporters of the referendum on self-determination of the status of the Peninsula and propagandic adherents of the Ukrainian Crimea, killing two people. There’s also the future head of the Crimea, Deputy of the Supreme Council Sergey Aksenov bred the opposing forces, and assuring both that the Peninsula needs a peaceful environment.

After meeting survivors of the shock she discovered that her jeans in blood, and his knees broken.

– midnight phoned with like-minded people, “she said,” and about two received a call from a hidden room: a male voice said that I had Packed up their belongings, kids and “dumped” from the Crimea. And at half past four – don’t even remember who – they called me “Over the Supreme Council of the Russian flag!” Oh, to run back and legs. I don’t know what is Victory Day, 1945, and March 18, I cried, I felt so much happiness!

Blocked the military units

the same day, March 18, 2014 when President Vladimir Putin is addressing the Federal Assembly, voiced a historic decision on the adoption of Crimea in structure of Russia, on Lenin square in Simferopol, a group of activists unfurled a giant flag of the Crimea. The initiator of flash mob by then-head of the Cossack organizations of Bakhchisarai Sergey Yurchenko. In a matter of days before along with other Cossacks and “polite people” he blocked two military unit in Bakhchisarai.

Just three weeks, the inhabitants of the Peninsula did a single step, opportunities for which expected almost a quarter of a century

– part of the territory was several combat reconnaissance vehicles, – he remembered. Ukrainian military tried to get them to lock the bottom gates of the checkpoint. But those wouldn’t start: this is Ukrainian equipment!

For Sergei, who in 1993, eighteen boys came into the Cossack ranks, the return of the Crimea to Russia has been a dream.

“Step to the victory day”

the Poet from Yalta Tatiana Dougill in February 2014 anticipated natural outcome of the beginning of the movement of the Crimea to the Motherland.

Photo: Press-service of the head of the RK In Crimea, called on February 26 culminating date for the return in Russia

– In those days, the Crimeans suddenly remembered that they were “the people,” she recalls. – We have always existed the concept of “homeland”, “Russia”, “patriotism”. In 2014, from us mainland Russia passed a powerful impetus, expressed in patriotism.

In those days the poet wrote about the “Russian spring”, when people have “soul blossomed” and the Crimean “combat with lie moved”, and assured: “the Island of Crimea” is not afraid of storms, Because in the Crimea – Russian spring!”. And on 25 February, that is on the eve of the day, which actually was the last day of the Peninsula within Ukraine, were the lines: “Bells in my soul ring the alarm. Do not pull shoulders the burden – other people’s troubles. In the forty-first – no way back. In the forty-fifth step to the victory day”. Tatiana connected with each other Pro-Russian activists in further coordinating their work.

– it was Necessary not only to cope with their own attitude, but also to support people so they don’t panic, she remembers. And ten days before the referendum, I wrote a poem, “Wine of Victory”, the last lines of which are as follows: “As from the bath – Yes, in the snow, the Feeling of “no one is betrayed!” We bravely greedily drink Crimean wine of victory!”. Crimea has awakened the self-consciousness of Russia. Like a Wraith sleep with his eyes: so that’s why the Russians fought over the Crimea with such fury! Our heroes knew that the Crimea – is the crystal on it, like the seed, begins slowly but steadily to revive the crystal-clear, diamond-hard, invincible Great Russia.